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Call Us Today!
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Accidents & Repairs


Had an Accident? Here's What To Do:

  • When you have had an accident it is important to make a police report. 
  • If this is impossible at the time or you are on private property, exchange information by getting the other party's: 
    • Insurance company’s name 
    • Policy number 
    • Driver’s license number
    • Daytime phone number  
    • Vehicle license plate 
  • If your car is unsafe to drive and needs to be towed, remove all of your personal belongings and valuables, If the tow driver recommends a shop be concerned he may just be receiving a spiff for every car he brings in and looking out for you. 
  • If the police are not on the scene and have not called for a tow truck to move your vehicle you can call us and we will arrange towing. 
  • Avoid storage and extra towing fees by having your vehicle brought directly  to 
    Showcase Collision & Auto Care
  • Call your insurance company or agent to report the incident and let them know the vehicle is located at 
    Showcase Collision.

Repair Information For Our Customers

There are many different ways to repair the damage to your vehicle. The best way consists of repairing all of the damage and replacing the

with quality factory replacement parts. Not only are we assured of a proper fit and finish, which helps reduce the time your vehicle is in the shop, but also most items are readily available and delivered within 24 hours. This repair normally will cost a bit more but will restore your vehicle to an acceptable pre-accident condition as far as the appearance and value retention when you decide to sell the vehicle.

An alternative way to repair your damaged vehicle is to opt for alternative parts such as aftermarket or used parts; these are acceptable repairs by most people and insurance companies. These repairs can create delays; aftermarket parts don’t always fit as precisely as OEM parts, and used parts usually have some blemishes that need repairing once we receive them. Short cuts may save you money, but could create delays. But the finished product, although it looks O.K., will not be the same as if it were done with all new oem parts. Certain procedures should always be followed. Cheaper is cheaper for a reason. You can always get a cheaper estimate, But will you be happy when
repairs are completed. 

This is not a scare tactic or a sales pitch. The information I am sharing with you is no different wherever you may go and not because we’re trying to make more money. The difference is that here atShowcase Collision & Auto Care Center we like to educate you, our customer, and never try to mislead you. No matter how you decide to repair your vehicle, all of us at Showcase Collision & Auto Care Center will work hard for you, to make sure
that you are satisfied.


Do I have the right to choose which shop repairs my vehicle?

YES. At times, an insurance company or agency may direct you to a shop they feel comfortable with. Do your homework! Make sure you are comfortable with the shop you allow to repair your vehicle. Many shops come and go or have to advertise misleading and unethical tactics such as Waiving your Deductible, Only your Insurance Company can do that. Be concerned with shops advertising this, By entering into this agreement with a shop. You give up all of your rights and leave it to them to repair your vehicle any way they want. In many cases your insurance company will do nothing to help you after your car has been poorly repaired.

Will the paint on my car match when you’re finished with the repair?

YES, with our computerized paint mixing system color matching is normally easy to achieve.  Proper care of your vehicle by washing and waxing with normal frequency is always helpful.

Repair Process

  • Make Insurance Claim
  • Go to Showcase Collision for an Estimate
  • Get Repairs Authorized
  • Order Parts
  • Make Appointment
  • Begin Repairs - Remove Damaged Parts (further damage may be found) 
  • Send to Paint Shop for Color Matching and Complete Paint Process 
  • Reassemble Vehicle (Install bumpers, headlamps and trim) 
  • Detail Vehicle to Perfection 
  • Final Inspection 
  • Inform Customer of Vehicle Completion  

Many repairs can be completed in one day, we will do everything possible to limit your vehicle's down time.

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